Welcome to Pony Stars!

Pony Stars is our Junior Challenge Awards helping under 12s to discover, develop and nurture their love for ponies and the outdoors. With over 100 topics for children to explore, Pony Stars will ignite a passion for ponies, build knowledge and cement friendships that will last a lifetime. With four key groups, Pony Stars enables long-term progression with a range of activities that will develop knowledge, skills and self-confidence. In each group your junior riders will work through sets of challenges that make up topics within set themes.

There are four colourful and engaging My Challenge Books, one for each group, for junior riders to progress through. The My Challenge Books have been designed to progress with the child as they grow older within the programme; so each book becomes more sophisticated in terms of language and design.

The Groups 

Guided ages for groups: Shetland Striders: 4 years old plus | Dartmoor Dazzlers 6-8 years old | Welshie Wizzers 8-10 years old | Connemara Champs 10-12 years old

We are starting with Shetland Striders for new riders from 4 years old on Wednesday 27th April at 4.30pm (1.5hrs).

Dartmoor Dazzlers will start 20th May every Friday 4.30-6pm for children 6yrs plus who have had some experience.

Children need to be members of pony stars (£40) which will include include their pony stars booklet, stickers, drawstring bag and window stickers.